Thursday, October 4, 2012

Breaking the rules... already

I had a cup of coffee this morning - that I made (that's $5 for my "mini vacay" fund) and for lunch, I had OJ with an Emergen-C for an extra vitamin boost and for a zing of energy.  Diet coke?  Nope, not here!  I was jones-ing for one big time, but settled myself with a diet Snapple... I know I said organic, but it's hard to find something organic that is also virtually calorie-free. 
Well, all my effort went out the window when I came back from my lunch break to see this:

My boss decided to surprise me with a diet coke!!  How can I refuse?? 
This is my moment of beauty today... a little gesture gave me a big smile (and a much needed caffeine boost)!  :)

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