Thursday, October 4, 2012


Crepes are French, but when we were in Barcelona, we found this cute little crepe restaurant just a short minute walk from our hotel in the historic district.
We fell in love with these crepes and the cozy, laid back atmosphere... it was one of the few places I felt comfortable going to.

When we came back, we decided to try our hand at making our own.  I quickly realized that I do not have the special, light touch needed to make such delicate pancakes.  JD however, a pro!!  I have (enthusiastically) handed over the torch and I give him free reign of the kitchen on these special nights.
Last night happened to be one of those nights.  Poor JD didn't get home until after 7pm, but after a shower and a glass of champagne, he was ready to crepe!

We use this recipe to make the batter (so, so easy):

You have to be very careful about measuring the right amount of batter to add to the pan.  For our size pan, JD used just a tad less than 1/3 cup.

I was in charge of fillings - here's what I had:
Homemade pesto (made with walnuts since we think JD is allergic to pine nuts)
Apple butter (homemade - see previous post)
Sliced pears
Goat's cheese
Asiago cheese
Maple syrup
Agave syrup
Mascarpone cheese

Our combinations:
Pesto and tomatoes
Asiago and tomatoes
Goat's cheese, pear, agave nectar
Apple butter, pear, lemon zest and lemon juice and maple syrup
Asiago cheese, pear and agave nectar
Mascarpone cheese, pear and maple syrup

The ones we liked the best and will definitely be repeating are (in order of best to better):
1.  Apple butter, pear, lemon zest and juice and maple syrup
2.  Asiago cheese, pear and agave nectar
3.  Goat's cheese, pear and agave nectar
4.  Pesto and tomatoes

We had a great time coming up with new combinations and spent about an hour cooking and eating!

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