Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Challenge

My challenge for the next 49 days until Thanksgiving (thanks to Cassie at for this inspiration!) will be:

1.  Volunteer for one day
2.  Log 630 fitness hours
3.  Save $25/week for a "mini-vacay"
4.  Start and finish a creative project
5.  Eat vegan 2 times/week - all day
6.  Eat gluten-free 2 times/week - all day
7.  Replace daily diet cokes with organic beverages
8.  Start and finish, Fighting Fear with Faith by Denise George
9.  Change my thought process (see previous post)

Nine used to be my favorite number, so I think this is a good start!! 
If I reach my goal, to complete each of these tasks in 49 days, than I will treat myself to a mini vacation of my choosing.  More on that later..........
Ready, set, go (okay, starting tomorrow....)!!

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